Brampton Councillor’s New Campaign Could Cause Residents To Pay Hefty Fine

Published August 29, 2019 at 3:43 am

Councillor Charmaine Williams just started a new campaign that aims to stop speeding in Brampton.

Councillor Charmaine Williams just started a new campaign that aims to stop speeding in Brampton.

Councillor Williams has been handing out lawn signs to residents in Ward Seven and Eight with the message, “Please slow down. Kids are back at school.”

The councillor states that since kids are back at school, it is important that drivers do not forget the rules of the road. She believes that it is especially important to slow down when driving in Brampton neighbourhoods. 

“So many parents and seniors have told me that speeding is their number one concern. So after much thought, I started the PLEASE SLOW DOWN campaign for Brampton. You can do your part by ordering a lawn sign,” says Councillor Williams. 

Residents can order their sign on the campaign’s official website. The signs are free for people who live in Ward Seven and Eight. 

Though the councillor is trying to stop people from speeding, the signs violate the city’s sign by-laws. In fact, residents who place the sign on their lawn could potentially be forced to pay a fine. 

In a 2005 by-law, the city approved that such signs should be removed within 48 hours of the conclusion of an activity or event. Thus, it cannot be on display, even on a residential property, for a longer period without a permit.

“Notwithstanding Section 5(1) the following signs are exempt from the requirement of a permit, signs located on private property, which promote citizen participation in civic, charitable or non-profit activities and events provided that the property is not zoned residential and that the size and location of such sign has been approved by the Chief and provided such signs are removed within 48 hours of the conclusion of the activity or event,” states the by-law.

But, Councillor Williams states that such signs do not require a permit as stated in a by-law from 2002.

“FYI: the City of Brampton sign by-law requires all applicants to apply for a permit in order to put up any type of sign. But the by-law spells out a number of exceptions to the rule… section 8 (4) says no permit is required if a sign is of a public safety and order message and measures no greater than 4.3 square feet… Just like the signs pictured here,” writes the councillor on her Facebook page.

With the new 2005 by-law, the lawn signs do not follow the current by-laws, which means residents could be fined.

“Any person who contravenes any of the provisions of this by-law is guilty of an offence and upon conviction is liable to a fine as provided for in the Provincial Offences Act,” states the Sign By-Law.

What do you think about Councillor Charmaine Williams’ new campaign?

Photo courtesy of Councillor Charmaine Williams

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