Brampton considers adding more stop signs


Published March 29, 2022 at 5:06 pm

Brampton is looking to place new all-way stops at three locations in the city.

The locations are:

  • Collingwood Ave. and Humberside Ave.
  • Creditview Rd. and Lorenville Dr.
  • Peppertree Cres./Buttercup Lane and Sprucelands Ave.

According to a City report, even though these intersections do not meet technical guidelines in terms of traffic volume to warrant the signs, public consultation showed that residents are in favour of the controls.

“The consideration of stop signs requires City Council to balance technical traffic engineering input versus the desire of local residents who believe that the introduction of an all-way stop control will improve livability within their respective communities,” reads the report. “As a result, an alternate streamlined process for the consideration of all-way stop requests was developed that includes a review of an all-way stop location from a safety perspective and a public consultative process if an intersection does not meet technical warrants.”

The costs to install the traffic signs and to make the pavement-marking changes is estimated to be $1,230. The new signs could be in place by later this year.

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