Brampton company uses space tech to advise Ukraine on Russian troop movement


Published March 9, 2022 at 10:02 pm

Brampton-based MDA has been called in by the Canadian government to keep an eye on the current military movements of Russia as that country continues its invasion of Ukraine.

MDA (formerly known as MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates), using what is called synthetic-aperture radar, will apply the satellite space technology to watch the movements of Russian troops and share the intelligence with Ukraine officials.

The specialized technology used by MDA allows it to see through weather and cloud conditions and, combined with other imagery, provide detailed 3-D ground imagery.

“We’re honoured that we are able to use our radar satellite capabilities to contribute to these international efforts, and will continue doing everything in our power to help the Government of Ukraine protect its citizens,” said Mike Greenley, Chief Executive Officer of MDA.

MDA has a world-wide reputation for its advanced technology systems and has also been awarded the contract to develop and construct the Canadarm3 as part of Canada’s contribution to the next NASA lunar mission.

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