Brampton bettor dives into football POOLS and comes out a big winner


Published January 7, 2021 at 12:15 pm

Timothy Henry has done something most football fans across North America regularly fail to do – he won some big money betting on the game.

The 56-year-old Brampton resident has scooped up $56,691.50 by playing POOLS, a sports betting game offered by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission (OLG).

“I enjoy playing POOLS – football is my favourite,” offered Henry when he dropped by the OLG office recently to claim his prize.

The construction salesman said he didn’t know he was a winner right away. As a matter of fact, he thought he had lost.

“I told my friend that his team let me down, and he told me I was wrong. I was shocked because I was certain I had all my teams wrong. After that I was glued to the TV watching the last game!”

The married father of two said there is no reason why he picked the teams that he did, which will no doubt drive long-time football gamblers crazy as they regularly look for any kind of expert insight to give them an edge. “Something just drew me to them,” Henry said.

When Henry told his wife about his big win, she didn’t believe him at first because he is always joking with her. “If smiles could crack diamonds, hers would have,” he said.

Henry plans to save his win for retirement and education for his children.

“This is a relief,” he said. “I am a contract worker, so this win will make a difference.”

POOLS is a sports game that the OLG says is easy to play. Each $5 wager allows you to pick your sport and card number and select who you think will win each matchup. Get the most correct picks and win or share the prize pool.

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