Brampton artist draws inspiration from the city for PAMA exhibit


Published August 31, 2022 at 10:47 am

A Brampton artist is getting some hometown recognition with an exhibit inspired by the city’s mixture of identities and cultural expressions.

Known for her vibrant, large-scale abstract paintings, Russna Kaur was born in Brampton and is currently based out of Vancouver.

And starting in September, a new banner exhibit by Kaur at the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) will put her artistic talents and connection to Brampton on full display.

Titled Maze of control and the slightest chaos, the new piece splices elements from two separate paintings on a massive scale and was an opportunity for Kaur to revisit her Brampton roots, drawing inspiration from the city’s mixture of identities and cultures cohabiting in a suburban setting.

“Elements of her experience in Brampton are embodied here, culminating in a distinctive visual vocabulary that continues the artist’s profound experimentations with colour,” said PAMA guest curator Renée van der Avoird. “Drawing from her Punjabi community and the complex role colour plays within it, Kaur juxtaposes bold hues to create unexpected perceptual collisions.”

Kaur’s work has been described as “modular and multi-surfaced,” using dizzying fields of colour, texture, and lines to “challenge our expectations of what a painting can be.”

On top of showcasing Kaur’s new piece, PAMA will be hosting a free in-person talk and a drop-in with the artist on Sept. 17.

The exhibit is a collaboration between ACCIDA and PAMA, and van der Avoird said the piece is an opportunity for Bramptonians “to be immersed in the work of a young local artist who is quickly gaining recognition across Canada and in the United States.”

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