Bizarre and Offensive Newspaper Delivered to Homes in Brampton and Mississauga


If you recently noticed a bizarre newspaper on your doorstep titled Your Ward News, you're not alone.

The tabloid, which has been called racist, offensive and anti-Semitic, has recently begun cropping up in Brampton and Mississauga.

The timing of the paper's resurgence has been alarming residents who are bothered by both the paper's content and its timing. As far as content goes, the paper, which purports to be an anti-Marxist publication, is best known for attacking and maligning Muslims, Jews, women, members of the LGBTQ community and other minorities (and this issue is no different).

The publication hasn't just raised the ire of Toronto and GTA residents offended by its contents. The federal government actually prohibited the paper from being distributed by Canada Post last year.

The publication, run by editor-in-chief James Sears, has been called hate propaganda by some critics. The paper's owners have dismissed the claims, saying Your Ward News is a "little, satirical alternative newspaper," according to this National Post article.

The Canada Post delivery ban is indeed a rare one. According to The CBC, it hasn't been used since 1981, when it was invoked to ban the distribution of publications produced by well-known holocaust denier Ernst Zundel.

A message from Sears in the latest edition of the paper, simply dated "summer 2017," says that the paper launched a constitutional challenge against the federal government on February 15, 2017.

"Your Ward News launched a constitutional challenge against the Government of Canada, over corrupt, inept Liberal Cabinet Minister Judy Foote evoking a rarely used section of the Canada Post Corporation Act to suspect our mailing rights on May 26, 2016," Sears writes. "Our first Board of Review hearing on the matter was on April 25, 2017. Just before the hearing, Foote took a sudden, unexplained leave of absence from her job for 'personal and family reasons.' Nonetheless, due to my lawyers' complex legal challenge, the hearing will not resume until September, so Foote has lots of time to get her head shrunk and ready for raping on the witness stand."

The paper, which most certainly employs a histrionic tone that prompts one to question how authentic its outrageous articles truly are (while reading, I questioned whether or not we're all being spectacularly trolled), boasts pieces that are both vile and preposterous.

To add a touch of the bizarre, the paper features several photos of Sears cuddling a cute brown dog.

There's also an article written by a dog. It's titled "Marxist School Teacher Assaults Paperboy."

Some of the headlines?

  • The Spy Who Shagged (a Stripper with) Me!
  • Vaccinating Your Kids is Now Officially Child Abuse
  • Own That Vagina with "Christian Sharia"
  • Time to Choose: Are You a Paedophile or a Nazi?

Judging by the paper's content, the editors and writers are particularly irked by Marxism (the paper declares itself the world's largest anti-marxist publication), Children's Aid, vaccinations, feminists (and women in general) and "self-chosen" Jews.

In one ludicrous screed penned by Dimitri the Lover (which CBC reports is Sears' pick-up artist alter ego), the following passage appears:

"Up until the 1960s Canada was under "Christian Sharia" rule. A woman walking alone outside her home would dress discreetly. It was fine if she dressed like a slut, but doing so was interpreted as "she's asking for it," representing an invitation for men to, at the very least, catcall her. If she really "asked for it" (like flashed her middle finger at the catcaller), and it was "the wrong guy," she got dragged into the bushes for an attitude adjustment; and the rapist could rely on her cockteasing behaviour to be acquitted in court, just like they now do in Muslim countries."

The article goes on to deride Canada's "biologically regressive rape-shield law" and how it "takes the responsibility for rape away from women, and lays it solely on the shoulders of normal, horny men."

On the following page, there's a weird comic about feminism that compares feminists to ants and references evil worms (which are meant to represent immigrants).

The back page of the paper calls for a book burning, specifically calling for Margaret Atwood titles.

While the articles are out and out ridiculous, residents who have received the tabloids are understandably concerned. The literature is, satirical or not, flagrantly inflammatory and overt in its laser focus on the supposed shortcomings of ethnic and sexual minorities. Conspiratorial and hysterical, the content targets the Jewish population (Sears call himself a Resident Jewologist) and women, even going so far as to make light of (ironically or not) rape and sexual violence.

At a time when people are still reeling from a white supremacist demonstration that resulted in the death of a 32-year-old woman in Charlottesville, Virginia, literature that appears to promote or condone hatred is particularly unwelcome.

Mississauga and Brampton have also had to confront the presence of hate at a local level, as a former mayoral candidate was recently charged with a hate-motivated crime and yesterday, police announced that a Brampton man was facing charges after an allegedly unprovoked, racially-motivated attack on a resident that resulted in the victim sustaining serious facial injuries.

If Your Ward News was looking for the "perfect" time to re-emerge, it sure struck while the iron was hot.

Absolutely no one is in any mood for anti-Semitic or racist diatribes. has reached out to police to confirm if an investigation into the paper is ongoing.

We'll keep you updated with any details as they emerge.

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