Big News For Mississauga Animal Services


Published February 14, 2018 at 7:20 pm


We all need love and a supportive family–even the furrier and four-legged critters among us.

Mississauga Animal Services recently announced that it matched 1,030 pets and owners in 2017, an encouraging increase compared to 1,009 adoptions in 2016 and just 663 in 2015.

The lucky animals included dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, birds and other small animals that were dropped off at the shelter or given up due to changing living situations or allergies.

The city says that successful adoptions depend on the shelter’s adoption process to help match an animal to a new pet owner–combined, of course, with dedicated shelter staff and volunteers who spend hours socializing pets to prepare them for a new home.

Amanda and her daughters Emily and Anna adopted their cat Cali from the shelter last year. 

The shelter’s foster program also assists in getting pets ready for adoptions by placing them in temporary homes (sort of like foster homes). This process allows pets transition more easily from the shelter to a home environment, especially when they are recovering from surgery, need socialization or must reach the appropriate age for adoption.

The city says that, last year, some revisions to the cost structure of pet licence and adoption fees for cats were made to assist with the adoption of elderly cats.

Kaitlyn recently dropped by the shelter for a visit with staff with her sweet cat Lily that she adopted last year.

“The change to tiered-pricing also makes cats more affordable for seniors and low income residents,” the city says.

Thinking about adopting a pet? Drop by the shelter or click here.

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