Big Lotto Win Brings “Change and Hope” to Mississauga Resident


Published March 1, 2017 at 6:13 pm


Lately, Mississauga residents have been enjoying some substantial lotto wins that have enabled them to save for homes, plan trips and increase their peace of mind by paying off some pesky bills.

Now, another resident is enjoying a big win that’s coming after a few difficult years of losing loved ones and dealing with health issues.

“Since it’s the Year of the Rooster on the Chinese calendar, I decided to purchase a few Instant Year of the Rooster tickets,” Fern Dunn told OLG at the at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. “I went home, got myself something to drink, pulled out my tickets and started scratching.”

Dunn is celebrating after winning $75,000 with Instant Year of the Rooster and she’s still shocked at her good fortune.

“I sat there, staring at it, in shock. Next, I called my husband who was on his way home. I said, ‘You need to come straight home.’ He thought something was wrong but I just kept repeating, ‘Come straight home.’”

When Fern’s husband walked in the door, she greeted him with the news.

“I said, ‘We need to go to the store.’ Finally, I shared the good news and showed him the winning ticket.”

According to OLG, the pair headed to the store.

“The retailer was so excited and helpful. She was happy for me as she validated the ticket.”

Fern says her windfall has come at a good time.

“The last few years have been very challenging – dealing with the loss of loved ones and personal health issues. This win brings incredible change and hope. We are planning to get a new car and we can pay cash! Winning the lottery has me feeling shocked and in disbelief but mostly, very thankful.”

Instant Year of the Rooster is available for $3 a play and there are three top prizes each worth $75,000. Odds of winning a prize are 1 in 3.30.

The winning ticket was purchased at Puff n Stuff on Bloor Street in Mississauga.

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