Big healthcare changes coming to Mississauga


Some big changes are coming to healthcare in Ontario as the provincial government begins testing its method for an improved healthcare system.

Today, the province announced Ontario Health Teams, a new model of healthcare that brings together healthcare providers to work as one team.

According to the province, the goal is to provide patients with easier transitions from one provider to another (such as between hospitals and home care providers), with one patient story, one patient record, and one care plan.

Each team will be responsible for delivering care for their patients, understanding their healthcare history, directly connecting them to the different types of care they need, and providing 24/7 help in navigating the healthcare system.

The announcement was made this morning at University of Toronto Mississauga by Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health.

This is an exciting time for health care in Ontario as we finally break down the long-standing barriers that have prevented care providers from working directly with each other to support patients throughout their health care journey,” Elliott said.

Elliott also announced the Mississauga Ontario Health Team (referred to as just Mississauga Health), one of the first 24 teams in the province to implement the new model.

The team will work on building a system of birth to end-of-life care for people in the community, addressing physical, mental and emotional well-being, while combining primary care, home care, community care, and hospital care.

The overall goal is to establish a seamless system for patients, families and caregivers.

Ontario Health Teams are going to be one of the most important health care initiatives in the next decade,” said Michelle DiEmanuele, Chair, Mississauga Health and President & CEO of Trillium Health Partners. “We want to thank the Government of Ontario for granting us the opportunity to be one of the first Ontario Health Teams, as part of this once in a generation plan to transform the delivery of care locally and across Ontario.”

The province says Mississauga Health will begin implementing some of their proposed programs and services in 2020, and will communicate with patients and families about the changes and improvements they can expect in their community.

The first wave of Ontario Health Teams are being approved after an extensive readiness assessment process, which involved significant time, collaboration, research and effort from partners across the health care sector,” the province says.

Ontarians can be confident that they can continue to contact their health care providers as they always have to access the health care they need.”

For more information on healthcare in Ontario, visit the Ministry of Health.

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