Big Changes Coming to Uber Starting This Summer

Published June 23, 2017 at 3:12 am


After all of the controversy surrounding Uber, the company has launched a “180 Days of Change” campaign.

Some changes will be big, and some will be small, but ultimately, Uber seems to be combatting the negative reputation they’ve developed over the years. 

While the changes focus on the drivers’ experiences, it remains to be seen if riders will be affected by some of the new policies over the six-month roll out period.

First, a hot topic in the world of Uber politics has been tipping, or more specifically, the lack of the option to tip your driver.

This is the first and most major change that’s coming to the Uber app – riders will now be able to tip their drivers.

Tipping has rolled out in three cities in the U.S. so far – Seattle, Minneapolis, and Houston – and more cities will be added over the summer. Drivers are guaranteed that Uber service fees will not be deducted from their tips. 

Further, drivers will receive a cancellation fee if their rider cancels after more than 2 minutes, down from 5 minutes.

Drivers will also be paid per minute if they have to wait more than two minutes for a rider, be able to cash out their earnings instantly, and have the option to purchase insurance incase of injury.

These and other changes are being launched city-by-city over the summer, starting in the U.S.

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