Bier Markt Opening in Mississauga’s City Centre

Published May 1, 2014 at 12:32 am


I recently caught up with Bier Markt’s operating partner, Robert Medal, to find out if the trendy TO hotspot has any plans to set up shop in Mississauga. Here’s what he told me:

So the Bier Markt is coming to Mississauga – when do you plan on opening in Mississauga?

We should be open at the end of April 2014. It’s coming quickly.


55 City Centre Drive – Formerly The Curve Cocktail Lounge and Kitchen

What is the restaurant and menu concept of The Bier Markt?

The Bier Markt is essentially built off of a Belgian brasserie in terms of semantics or the inspiration. It’s very northern European-focused in terms of cuisine and beer. From the culinary perspective there is a lot of German, French, Belgian and even a little bit of Dutch and English influences, and it’s all scratch cooking. The menus are the same between all of the Bier Markt’s and the culinary teams are all Red Seal certified and very much focused on very high tier cuisine. On the beverage side, there is obviously a strong, strong focus on beer. The brand statement is “over 150 biers from over 30 countries,” and right now we’re running at around 178 beers representing somewhere near 33 or 34 countries. And there’s also wine, we have a wine list of about 60 skus and a variety of other beverages.

What do you think of Mississauga’s food scene?

I think it’s great. There’s a lot of diversity and there are already a lot of operators in Mississauga, not as many as in Toronto obviously, so there’s some opportunity in there. We like the market, I think it’s a great market, I think it’s a big market, perhaps an underrated or underestimated market in terms of the amount of people and certainly the sophistication of the Mississauga diner who wants a premium dining experience and is limited in terms of what they can get in Mississauga. Obviously they have to commute a little bit and go to Toronto or some other parts of the city less close to them to find what they want. So we’re excited to be in Mississauga.

What did you look for when scouting for this new location?

Obviously one is its level of density both commercial and residential. We wanted to be in an area that has other activities and other things going on whether that’s theatres or other restaurants or just other forms of entertainment. Our goal was to be in a strong neighbourhood that had sense of community that we could build from.

Editors note: The new opening date will be June 25 2014.


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