Best of both worlds as a bit of snow and sunshine is expected for Mississauga and Brampton this week


Published March 12, 2023 at 5:01 pm

With the clocks springing one-hour forward this morning bringing daylight savings to an end, could that also mean the winter weather is behind us?

According to Environmental Canada that forecast is unlikely—for now.

Next week, snow will be lingering a bit longer in Mississauga, Brampton and much of southern Ontario.

As of today Sunday (Mar. 12) temperatures will remain steady at -1 C but the wind chill will make it feel like -6 C. Periods of snow are predicted and the evening could end off with up to 2 cm of snow.

Monday brings more messy weather as periods of snow are expected throughout the day, but the exact amount has not been reported by meteorologists.

Tuesday rolls in with dark clouds and a 30% chance of flurries for most of the day with wind speeds up to 15 km/hr.

The nicest day of the week falls on Wednesday. There will be plenty of sunshine with temperatures floating above 4 C during the morning and afternoon before plummeting down to -4 C in the evening.

This might be a good chance to take advantage of the sun by going out for that brisk walk or fresh air, and though Thursday morning does bring a high of 5 C it will be nothing but clouds in sight!

According to The Weather Network with the touchdown of Friday the same pattern as Monday and Tuesday follows — storm clouds, flurries, but the addition of rain is the only difference.

If significant rainfall happens on Friday, it could wash away much of the snow from the earlier parts of the week.

As the weekend approaches, it looks like the clouds will still be around but there could be sunny breaks peaking throughout the day.

Although the forecast for this week looks gloomy and unpleasant, it is much better than the significant snowfall parts of Ontario including Mississauga and Brampton received Mar. 3

It was one of the worst blasts of winter to hit, causing low visibility, collisions left, right and centre as well as several hours of travel delays for commuters.

According to The City of Mississauga’s website when the weather advisory ended, the region reportedly had experienced snowfall close to 27cm.

The question is who would rather have more wild blizzards having to break out the shovel and your back, or a mild, roughly damp but manageable winter — whatever is left of it that is!

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