‘Best airport’ award given to Pearson Airport in Mississauga, Ontario


Published March 11, 2024 at 4:06 pm

Best Airport Award Pearson
It's not unusual to see a few birds flying around the inside of one of the terminals at Pearson Airport in Mississauga. The birds are quickly safely captured and released back outside. (Photo: Pearson Airport)

Pearson International Airport in Mississauga is receiving recognition from the international travel community as it has just earned its sixth award from Airports Council International (ACI). Specifically, the ACI has recognized Pearson International’s excellence in the management of commuter volume by granting it the title of “Best Airport with over 40 million passengers in North America.” 

The data was collected on behalf of the ACL’s Airport Service Quality (ASQ) program. This incentive uses evidence-based research to find out which airports are providing the best experiences for passengers on an international scale. 

The last time Pearson was awarded the honor was back in 2021, and with the trophy now back in their hands, Pearson representatives are taking a victory lap with their reclaimed prize. 

“The results of this year’s survey and this award is the outcome of the collective hard work from all our employees, to deliver in new ways that heighten the reliability and enjoyment of the experience at Pearson,” said Deborah Flint, president and CEO, Toronto Pearson in an official statement. 

According to information provided by Pearson International, the airport launched the ‘Pearson Standard initiative back in 2023, intending to ensure synergy across all operational teams at Pearson.

“Whether it’s launching new digital tools to give our customers more control over their experience, to deploying new modernized equipment and completing more asset restoration programs, this is all part of our commitment to providing passengers with a world-class experience – and we are excited to deliver even more in the years ahead,” said Flint when regarding Pearson’s innovations. 

Pearson International’s official X (Formerly Twitter) account posted an update on the new victory, stating that the recognition received wouldn’t be possible without passenger feedback and that “these awards are something we never take for granted.”

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