Bernie Sanders endorses Jagmeet Singh days before federal election


Published September 17, 2021 at 4:40 pm


After former President-Elect Barack Obama voiced his support for Justin Trudeau ahead of the looming federal election scheduled for Monday (September 20), Bernie Sanders has also issued a public endorsement.

On Friday (September 17), the senator, and former Democratic Party presidential candidate gave his seal of approval to Jagmeet Singh, leader of the Federal NDP.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to most that Sanders would endorse Singh, the NDP is pretty far left on the political spectrum, and Sanders is a self-proclaimed democratic socialist.

Additionally, Sanders and Singh have similar views when it comes to increasing the taxes for society’s wealthiest elites.

Unfortunately for Sanders, and Singh, his endorsement may turn out to be as successful as his bid to become the Democratic nominee—according to 338 Canada, the polls indicate the NDP only has the support of 19.3 per cent of voters, and they’re only projected to win 34 seats plus or minus 17.

The Liberals and Conservatives remain neck-and-neck in a race that appears will come down to the wire.

However, according to 338 Canada, the Liberals have the slight edge in projected seats, 145 plus or minus 44 to the Conservatives’ 126 plus or minus 37.

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