Beloved Mississauga restaurant reveals where it will be moving to


Published December 19, 2019 at 8:20 pm


We have some good news and some slightly (but not really) bad news.

One of Mississauga’s most beloved pizza joints, Mickey’s Pizza, appears to be leaving Mississauga.

There’s no need to despair, however, as it will not be going far at all, and will soon be setting up shop in much bigger digs in Oakville. 

On Dec. 18, Sandy Stoyan, owner of the long-standing Mickey’s Pizza on Lakeshore Rd. W. shared a video offering a little more information about where Mickey’s is headed. Shortly after posting that video, she posted a follow-up that showed signage on the door that indicates Mickey’s will be rebranding as The Hungry Dragon. It also looks like, based on the signage, the resto will serve burgers as well as its famous pizza.  

The follow-up video came just days after Stoyan teased fans with a more mysterious video set in the same industrial-looking space in Oakville. 

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“Everybody seems pretty happy with the news, but we’ve gotten a lot of questions, so I’m going to try to answer some today,” she said.

In the video, Stoyan said that the new Mickey’s restaurant (assuming it will be keeping the name and concept) will take shape in a brand new (and currently under construction) plaza in the QEW and 403 area in Oakville. Judging from a shot taken from the huge patio, the closest major streets appear to Upper Middle Rd. and Ford Dr. 

“This plaza is brand new construction and it’s basically where the QEW and the 403 intersect, so for a lot of you coming from far away, it’s a lot faster. Obviously, when you get here, you’ll be able to sit because it’s over 2,400 square feet in here and we have a giant patio, which I’m very excited about for the summer,” she says.

On Dec. 11, Stoyan excited diners with a video in which she flashed the keys to Mickey’s new home. 

In that video, Stoyan said she plans on documenting the restaurant’s journey as work on the new location gets underway.

“The whole reason we’re doing it is for you,” she said in the Dec. 11 video. “To make a place where you can just come, and be, and enjoy, and be happy.”

The news is exciting, as Mickey’s is one of the best-known pizza places in the city. In fact, the Clarkson restaurant that urges customers to “feed your dragon” was once visited by You Gotta Eat Here. 

Mickey’s serves traditional pizzas plus what they call a “Killer King,” which is a deep dish Chicago-style pizza for the hungry Chi Town-style pizza lovers. The dough is made in house, and they use ingredients like extra virgin olive oil and cook their meat right on the grill before it goes into your pizza.

After the first video was released, asked Mickey’s if it intends to move to Oakville, or simply open a second location. 

“This is going to be more than what you think,” Mickey’s responded. “All will be revealed soon.”

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Cover photo courtesy of Mickey’s Pizza’s official Instagram account

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