Bell acquires Mississauga tech company as a result of expansion efforts


Published July 9, 2024 at 12:24 pm

Bell acquires Mississauga tech company as a result of expansion efforts

According to an official press release from Bell, the massive Canadian communications company has recently acquired the Mississauga-based cyber-security firm Stratejm due to a series of ongoing expansion efforts. 

As indicated by Bell representatives, this incentive is part of a ‘digital transformation initiative,’ where the communication company aims to innovate the tech sector via automation and cloud services. 

Where Stratejm comes into play is due to its specialization in security services, as a result of the acquisition, Bell hopes that Stratejm’s reputation will assist the communications giant in 5g network integration and AI-powered end-to-end customer experiences.

“Bell has become the trusted leader in delivering workflow automation and IT cybersecurity, supported by best-in-class acquisitions of entrepreneurs like Stratejm… We look forward to working with and expanding this expertise as we create an unparalleled service experience for our customers” said John Watson, the Group President for Customer Experience & AI, for Bell in an official statement. 

Bell indicated in its acquisition statement that the company hopes to utilize the Ontario-based company to help manage both public and hybrid cloud applications for the foreseeable future. 

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