Beer stores across Ontario can now sell OLG tickets and other items


Published June 12, 2024 at 2:43 pm

Beer Store OLG 2024

 The provincial government’s approach to retail procedures has recently become a matter of public examination, as today (June 12 ) it was revealed that Beer Store locations across Ontario can now legally sell non-alcoholic goods such as OLG tickets and other items. 

Non-alcoholic items that have been commonly available at Beer Store locations for some time include branded merchandise — such as hats and t-shirts — and beer mugs. However, according to an official release from the provincial government on May 24, licensed Beer Store locations can now sell secondary items at their discretion.

Due to this massive market shift, documentation provided on behalf of the Ford government was quick to indicate that these new procedures do not give Beer Store locations unchecked authority — as they are prohibited from distributing any cannabis or tobacco products. 

When contacted about details surrounding these new sales incentives, a Beer Store representative told “I can’t speculate on any commercial discussions that may or may not be taking place.” Indicating that only time will tell which products the Beer Store puts on their shelves next to their six packs. reached out to representatives within the LCBO to see if the same legal wiggle room applies to their locations across the province.

It is our understanding that there is nothing in the regulation that prevents us from selling some additional items at the LCBO, although at this time there are no plans to do so,” LCBO officials told

According to early documentation provided by the Ford government, these ongoing retail parameters for the Beer Store and LCBO will remain active until 2033. 

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