Becoming a content creator: Here’s what you need to know

Published September 9, 2022 at 10:31 am

There’s never been a better time than now to be a content creator. An abundance of tech and tools make the process a breeze, no matter what kind of content you want to put out there.

However, with so many options, it can be a little daunting to figure out how to start.

Being a content creator starts with the right equipment – whether you’re making mobile content, vlogging, or even starting your own podcast, it’s crucial to make sure you have the best equipment that will help you reach a wide audience.

That’s why many popular retailers, like premier Canadian camera store Henry’s, carry a wide range of cameras, microphones, and other gear, catering to the many different kinds of content creation.

Read on to find out which kind of creator you are, what you’ll need to do the job, and general tips and tricks.

Mobile Creator

The mobile creator relies mostly on the camera they already carry with them – their phone! However, getting serious about mobile creation means supplementing your phone camera with other tools that’ll help you produce high-quality photos, video, and audio. Recommended equipment: Sennheiser MKE200 Mobile Kit.

Support: To avoid shaky shots and sudden, jarring movements, consider using a gimbal or tripod to keep your phone steady and your pictures and videos looking smooth.

Lighting: Use a convenient, portable light source to remove unwanted shadows and help distinguish your subject from the background.

Lenses: Expand the range of different shots you can get by using lens attachments designed for phones.

Audio: Invest in a compact, lightweight microphone for crisp, clean audio that’ll help your content stand out among the rest.

Pro tip: A built-in or external windscreen blocks wind noise when shooting outdoors for cleaner audio.

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When your life is exciting enough that you need to broadcast it to an audience, you’re officially a vlogger. Since vlogging is usually an on-the-go form of content creation, vloggers should have gear that is lightweight, easy to use, and able to adapt to any environment. Recommended equipment: Rode Videomic GO with Rycote Suspension.

Support: When you’re shooting on the go, tripods are a great option for keeping your footage stable.

Audio: Having a dedicated mic will help your audience hear you better and provide higher quality sound, which is particularly valuable when vlogging in louder environments such as cities.

Lighting: Soften harsh shadows with supplemental lighting. There are many small, lightweight options that can easily attach to your camera or tripod.

Round out your kit: Consider bringing along headphones for listening to playback, spare batteries, memory cards, and a bag to stash everything in so it’s easy to carry wherever you go.

Pro tip: Action cameras provide excellent autofocus and stabilization capabilities.

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Podcasts are growing more and more popular in every field you can think of, from general lifestyle to business to entertainment. In this golden age of audio creation, having the right equipment is like music to your listeners’ ears, and will help your podcast stand out among others. Recommended equipment: Shure SM7B Microphone with Windscreen+Yoke.

Microphones: The most vital tool for a podcaster. For the most versatility, use a dedicated microphone that’s suitable both for in-studio and on-location podcasting.

Headphones: Use headphones to monitor sound quality and volume, ensuring your audio sounds fantastic the whole way through.

Streaming and production: Simplify your podcast production with easy-to-use recorders, mixers, and encoders.

Tripods and support: Position monitors, cameras, lights and other accessories with a handy, flexible tripod or stand.

Pro tip: Record each person speaking on a separate channel. This will allow you to control their volume levels individually and make your podcast easier to edit afterwards.

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No matter what kind of content you’re creating and what gear you need, you’ll likely find it at Henry’s, one of Canada’s most well-known tech retailers for over 100 years now.

While the brand is primarily known for their high-quality cameras, they also carry products related to lighting, audio, printing, and various other accessories, combining quality and affordability.

Henry’s knowledgeable team of experts can also help students achieve their creation goals. For students who plan to be creating photography and other content during the new school year (in subjects like culinary arts or fashion, for example), Henry’s Back to School creator bundle is the best opportunity to find the gear you need.

For more on everything Henry’s has to offer, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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