Battle Results! Best Poutine Battle: Brampton vs. Mississauga


We just celebrated Canada's 151st birthday, and since Canada Day happened just a few short days ago, there's a strong possibility that you celebrated our nation's birth with one of our most famous cuisines: poutine.

When it comes to great poutine, everything is important. Are the fries perfectly cooked? Is the gravy savoury with absolutely no curdles? Is the cheese scrumptious and melty? Are the additional toppings--if there are any--delicious?

Both Mississauga and Brampton are known for their respective food scenes and both offer a ton of commendable poutine options--but only one city can have the absolute best hotspots.

What places were competing?

Top 5 Poutine in Mississauga

The reliably tasty (and growing) Smoke's Poutinerie, the Streetsville mainstay Burger Legend, the beloved and longstanding C & Dubbs, the elegant and popular Wilcox Gastropub and our number one pick, Holy Smokez BBQ Sandwiches.

The lobster poutine from The Wilcox

Top 5 Poutine in Brampton

The Queen St. and Centre St. located San Francisco Place, fish and chip favourite Henry's, the north Brampton hotspot Chicken Master, the always tasty Mimi's Fish and Chips and our number one pick, the downtown poutine spot Poutine Dare to be Fresh.

Poutine Dare to be Fresh

We asked you which city has the best poutine and you voted.

Here are the results!

On the website:

And on Instagram:

On the website, Brampton beat out Mississauga, but Instagram users sided with Mississauga by a fairly striking margin—83 per cent to 17 per cent.

What city do you visit when you're in the mood for some fries, cheese and gravy?

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