Battle Results! Best Fish and Chips Battle: Brampton vs. Mississauga

Published April 5, 2019 at 6:51 pm

Have you been in the mood for some exceptional fish and chips and haven’t been quite sure where to go to get the classic dish?

Have you been in the mood for some exceptional fish and chips and haven’t been quite sure where to go to get the classic dish?

Since there is no shortage of selection in the GTA, the choice as to where to dine can be a tough one—especially when places that serve delicious fish and chips are plentiful across cities. 

When it come to great fish and chips, every ingredient counts. Is the batter crispy and flavourful? Is the fish tender and fried to perfection? Are the fries soft and savoury? Is the coleslaw on point. 

Both Mississauga and Brampton are known for their respective food scenes and both offer a ton of commendable fish and chips joints—but only one city can have the absolute best hotspots. 

What places were competing?


Top 5 Fish and Chips Restaurants in Mississauga

When you’re hungry, nothing beats a heaping serving of fish and chips. Mississauga has some choice hotspots for the timeless dish, including the Eglinton and Hurontario Mississauga Marketplace Fish and Chips, the popular Lakeshore Rd. Country Fish and Chips, the well-known Homestyle Fish and Chips, the long-standing Applewood Fish and Chips and our number one pick, the 50-year-old Cooksville Fish and Chips. While Cooksville Fish and Chips is our proud number one pick, all of the places will leave you more than satisfied when you’re in the mood for a truly tasty dinner.


Top 5 Fish and Chips in Brampton

If you want fish and chips in Brampton, you have lots of tasty options. Some places more than worth checking out? The reliably delicious, pub-style restaurant known as Heritage Fish and Chips, the relatively new Kennedy and Sandalwood hotspot Harbourside Fish and Chips, the long-standing and ever popular Ellen’s Bar and Grill, the always popular Mimi’s Fish and Chips (you don’t want to miss their poutine either) and our number one pick—and the place that claims to have the best fish and chips in town—Henry’s Fish and Chips. Although Henry’s is number one, Brampton has no shortage of battered fish dishes to choose from.

We asked you which city has the best fish and chips and you voted.

Here are the results!

On Instagram

 And on the website:

On the website, Brampton beat out Mississauga 56 per cent to 44 per cent. It looks like Instagram users strongly preferred Mississauga, with the city beating out Brampton 88 per cent to 12 per cent. 

What city do you visit when you’re in the mood for some great fish and chips?

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