The average cost for basement waterproofing in Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA

Published February 16, 2023 at 3:46 pm

Regardless of how often you use your basement, it’s important to make sure it’s dry and protected from moisture.

That’s because the basement can affect the health of the rest of the home – a wet basement could be a breeding ground for mould which can lead to unsafe living conditions, or it could weaken your home’s structural integrity.

Since even a minor basement leakage can cause serious damage and hefty repair costs, some residents may want to be proactive by making sure their basement is adequately waterproof.

Thankfully, there are various companies out there that specialize in waterproofing – such as Direct Waterproofing, which has been keeping homes in Toronto and the GTA dry since 1995.

Wondering where to start and how much you can expect to pay? The cost for waterproofing and relevant repairs will depend on which services are done, based on the needs of your home:

Exterior basement waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing takes more work but is your best bet – especially if your property is subject to floods, dampness and mould, or if you want to take preventative measures that will ensure the safety of your home for as long as the building lasts. Waterproof materials are installed on the exterior of your home, along with a strong solution that stops any water from ever touching the foundation walls. A team of waterproofing experts will also check if any other solutions may need to be implemented such as outdoor drainage systems, guttering, and foundation crack repairs.

Price range: $100 to $300 per linear foot

Interior basement waterproofing

The main treatment in interior waterproofing involves the use of waterproof materials to add extra layers of protection to your walls. This is combined with effective interior drainage to divert water away from your property, which involves some interior excavation, but isn’t as much work as exterior solutions. The team may also use sealant and cement to conduct repairs to cracks and gaps in the basement walls.

Price range: $70 to $350 per linear foot

Foundation crack repair

The foundations of your home provide the very structure with which it stands. As such, any damage to the foundations is bad news – even smaller cracks, which if left untreated may become bigger and more serious over time. Damage to foundations can also allow water into the property, potentially causing dampness, mould, or flooding. Repair methods depend on the type of cracks, so it’s best to get the foundations assessed by an expert team who can recommend the most suitable type of repair.

Price range: $1,600 to $3,200

Window well repair

If you see water marks or stains on your foundation walls underneath your window, then your window well could be a major point of entry for a leak. If pools of water build up in the well when it rains, that’s a sign that dampness will make its way into your home. Fortunately, the solution to window well leaks is often cost-effective and only requires minor heavy work to install the drainage systems.

Price range: $1,700 to $3,800

Sump pump installation

A sump pump is highly effective and recommended if water is pooling due to heavy rainfall, or if your property is at risk from floods. Sump pump installation is relatively straightforward, although it requires a technical approach. It can be installed at or below ground level, depending on your preference and what’s best for your home – pumps beneath the ground are well concealed, but will cost more to install and are harder to access for maintenance. Once installed, the system is sealed airtight and water will flow through the drainage, into the sump pit, and be taken out of your home by the sump pump.

Price range: $560 to $3,500

There are several other factors that will affect the cost of waterproofing, such as the size and layout of the basement.

Waterproofing costs will be higher for a larger basement because it will need more materials, accessories, and will take a longer time to waterproof. For example, if the waterproofing method entails laying a French drain or a weeping tile around the perimeter wall, it would cost between $50 and $100 per linear foot.

Another factor to consider is the labour cost. Most companies charge a single cost for the entire project, which usually includes labour and materials, and typically ranges between $3 and $10 per square foot. Out of this cost, labour makes up for around $2 to $8, while materials make up the rest of the cost. Costs may be much higher if the foundation requires a French drain and a sump pump.

If you’re ready to proceed with waterproofing your basement, or still have more questions that need answering, then reaching out to a company like Direct Waterproofing is your best bet.

Their expert team has decades of experience in keeping basements dry and comfortable, offering various services such as interior and exterior waterproofing, foundation repairs, drain repairs, sump pump installation, and more.

To see what they can do for you, contact Direct Waterproofing to get a fast and easy quote.

For more waterproofing info, visit their website, Youtube, and Twitter pages.

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