Baby stroller, mushrooms and lawn mower among items recalled in Mississauga, Brampton and area


Published September 5, 2022 at 6:29 pm

Whether you like to take your baby for a jog or cut the lawn, there are recalled items to look out for this week in Mississauga, Brampton and area.

A jogging baby strolled is recalled for disc brakes that can cause fingertip amputation and a lawn mower could lose its blade.

See below for more information on each individual recall.

Enoki Mushroom

Risk: Enoki Mushrooms are recalled due to possible listeria monocytogenes contamination. This recall involves all units sold up to and including Sept 1.

What you should do: Do not consume, use, sell, serve, or distribute recalled products. Contact your healthcare provider if you think you became sick from consuming a recalled product. Recalled products should be thrown out or returned to the location where they were purchased.

Voguette Factory Store Brand roller blinds

Risk: Voguette Factory Store Brand roller blinds recalled due to strangulation hazard to children

What you should do: Immediately stop using the recalled roller blinds and contact Voguette Factory Store for a return and refund.

Citrus Solvent

Risk: Citrus Solvent recalled due to improper labelling and lack of child-resistant packaging. This recall involves The Real Milk Paint Co. Citrus Solvent. This is an oil thinner typically used in finishing of wood products or as a concentrated cleaner.

The product poses an aspiration hazard if unintentionally inhaled or ingested, creating the risk of serious illness or injury, including death.

Aspiration into the lungs can occur when the product enters the lungs directly or is coughed up or vomited after being ingested. This coughing or vomiting could cause small particles of the product to travel into the lungs.

What you should do: Immediately stop using the Citrus Solvent product, keep it out of reach of children, and contact Rusty Design Canada for an exchange.

Steel Hanging Chairs

Risk: Steel hanging chairs in yellow, grey and green are recalled due to a fall hazard. The chain and poles for the hanging chairs can snap when sat on.

As of July 29, the company has received four reports of incidents in Canada, including three reports of falls, and no report of injuries. 143 units of the affected product were sold in Canada.

What you should do: Immediately stop using the product and return to a HomeSense location for a refund.

UPPAbaby All-Terrain RIDGE Jogging Strollers

Risk: UPPAbaby All-Terrain RIDGE jogging strollers are recalled due to the possibility of a fingertip amputation hazard.

The stroller’s rear disc brakes have openings that can cause amputation or laceration if a non-occupant child’s fingertip gets caught in the openings while the stroller is in use.

In the United States, the company has received 1 report of incident involving a fingertip amputation.

What you should do: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled strollers and go to and click on “Submit Info” at the bottom of the page to receive free replacement disc brakes for both wheels.

Sun Joe iON+ Cordless Lawn Mower Kit (17-inch)

Risk: Sun Joe iON+ cordless lawn mower kit (17-inch) recalled due to an injury hazard. The lawn mower blade may detach unexpectedly creating a risk of serious injury.

The subject product is a 48 Volt 17-inch mulching walk behind lawn mower. It is light green and black in colour and 44 inches tall, 19.5 inches wide, and weighs approximately 35 pounds.

What you should do: Immediately stop using the product and contact Snow Joe to identify affected units and for information on how to correct any potential defect.

Mr. Right brand Keampferia Galanga Powder (sand ginger powder)

Risk: Mr. Right brand Keampferia Galanga Powder (sand ginger powder) recalled due to aconitine contamination

What you should do: Do not consume, use, sell, serve, or distribute the recalled product. Throw it in the garbage.

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