Asleep In the Machine drops “Murder By Ninja”


Published January 20, 2014 at 2:27 am


Mississauga’s based band Asleep In The Machine releases their new music video for “Murder by Ninja”, the fifth single off their alternative rock self-titled EP, available on iTunes. 

The music video was done in a classic ‘Kung Fu movie’ style. The video is hilarious and violent at the same time showing the band being chased and killed by a murderous ninja.

Writer/Director Peter Hatch does a great job complimenting the song with this theme. The track itself, which is about ‘feeling good’, makes references to partying in Tokyo, robbing banks ‘ninja style’, and taking late flights to Vegas.

“We definitely had fun with this one”, says Dan Carret (Bassist) about the song writing process. 

(Warning: Due to some of the graphic nature of the content viewers discretion is advised)

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