Are You Taking Part in Earth Week Events in Mississauga?

Published April 17, 2018 at 7:06 pm


Mississauga is teaming up with other cities around the world to tackle climate change and they’re joining to commemorate Earth Week.

Events across the city are running until Sunday.

Earth Week is celebrated around the globe to raise awareness about the environmental impact climate change has on our cities.

It’s also a chance to go outside and help clean up your city.

The city’s director of environment Michael Cleland says Mississauga has been celebrating and supporting Earth Day for more than 15 years now.

“This week is a time to rethink our behaviours and take action for a more sustainable community and city,” said Cleland.

Mississauga has set up many events throughout Earth Week for the community to come out and participate.

Join other families and communities and register for the 20-Minute Makeover. This event happens all across Canada where volunteers go around and help pick up litter from anywhere they are for 20 minutes.

Last year’s makeover saw about 3,000 residents taking part in the event.

The One Million Trees Planting is another event organized by city staff.

This event is part of a 20-year tree planting program which started five years ago to inspire communities to plant trees and shrubs throughout Mississauga’s parks and land.

Mississauga is almost at 300,000 trees and shrubs over the last five years, according to the city.

Earth Days are there for all ages to participate, but the city also has events geared toward the youth in the community

These events come with fun activities and challenges to help kids understand and encourage them to continue helping the environment when they are older.

Family craft sessions, storytime and art, and planting workshops are a few of the scheduled Earth Days events for kids and their families all over the city at different libraries.

Cleland says the city is looking forward to engaging with the community.

“Attitudes are continuing to change, more people are taking positive action for the environment,” he said.

More information about city events can be found online.

Residents can also use #SaugaEarthDays on Twitter to get in touch with environmental experts and the rest of the community.

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