Are they coming to Mississauga: Guu SakaBar


Published December 2, 2013 at 6:32 am

_main asked people in Mississauga what restaurants they would like to see open up shop in sauga…..So we asked them. This week we asked Guu SakaBar.

Sauga is no stranger to diverse cuisine — we have some fantastic Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai restos. Our Japanese food scene is also good and we boast some exceptional higher-end sushi joints. That said, we don’t yet house the magic that is Guu — a Vancouver-based chain of Izakaya (think tapas-style) restos that invites diners to try appetizer-sized dishes and drink copious amounts of house-made sake. Guu operates two locations in Toronto and, at this point, has no major plans to move west. But according to Natsuhiko Sugimoto, Guu SakaBar’s executive chef and Guuud Manager, the move hasn’t been completely ruled out. 

How many locations do you have? 

In Toronto, right now, we have two locations. One at Church and one on Bloor and we’re thinking of a third location but we’re not sure. 

Where might it be?  

Probably north side, north of Eglinton we think. There’s no guarantee though. 

Describe your menu 

We’re a Japanese concept, but we have fusion style food. Izakaya is a mix and that helps us create something new and interesting. We have French-Japanese, Italian-Japanese and we use cream, butter and kimchi. We’re creative. 

What’s your most unique dish? 

The popular dishes are deep fried chicken dishes, the udon noodles and the bibimbap. 

Izakaya, for example, is like a French bistro style. Or like a Spanish tapas style. People will order five or six small dishes to share and drink a lot. Our beer and original sake from Japan is popular. We also do sake cocktails and Japanese Soju cocktails. 

Are you familiar with Mississauga’s food scene? 

Not really, no.

Would Guu open in Mississauga? 

Not sure yet, but yes and no. We’re focusing on a possible third location in Toronto for now, but I know there’s a market [in Mississauga], and if we went there, people would like it. 

What do you look for in a new location? 

The important things are TTC or nearby parking or a bank or supermarket. Things that people will walk by. People need to use the TTC and the banks and supermarkets. We look for high foot traffic areas. We’ve been approached by food courts also, but we’re a place for drinking, not just for lunch or dinner. 

What’s your typical customer look like? 

Younger. We get people from Ryerson University and U of T. I’d say 25-35 is our average demographic. 

What could Sauga do to attract you? 

We don’t know the Mississauga market yet, and that’s the reason [we have no plans to open at this point]. If we go there, we have to research everything and find out what’s popular and look into price ranges.  Lots of people have to drive there and we’re a drinking place and drinking and driving don’t go together.


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