Archery District Opens in Mississauga


Published October 19, 2015 at 7:45 pm


If you desperately want to shoot your friend in the chest with an arrow, you have another archery tag option.

Archery District — which calls itself “Canada’s Original Archery Tag Experience” — has set up shop in Mississauga. The Subzero Archery Tag facility recently opened on Hawkestone Rd. near Wolfedale and boasts 20,000 sq. ft. of space, two arenas, two party rooms, a bar and café, an arcade, a league and free Wi-Fi.

It also boasts a little modern and tech-savvy sass, which you can see in the intro:

“The frigid arctic conditions of Mississauga is home to an isolated tribe of Subzerion elites. With their superior survival instincts, they have discovered a concoction to maintain perfect body temperature even in the coldest of tundra, also known as Beer. In temperatures most people would stay inside to Netflix and chill, the Subzerions train endlessly to protect their precious natural resources and fend off intruders. Polluting Subzerion waters is a no-no because they’ll find you and go loco.”

If you’re interested in checking out the new and more thematic facility, you can expect to pay $25 an hour per person. Each session includes 15 minutes of debriefing and target practice, a 50 minute game play session and equipment.

Now that we’ve dealt with housekeeping, here’s a little refresher on what archery tag entails:

The trendy activity for Hunger Games and Legolas fans involves shooting opponents and targets with a foam-tipped arrow to eliminate players and, ultimately, win the round. Archery District also allows head shots, adding a little extra grittiness to the sweaty proceedings. We recommend using one of the available arm guards, as the bow has a tendency to snap against less experienced player’s arms, leading to sexy warrior bruises.

As far as rules go, you need to bring clean shoes, arrive 30 minutes prior to your game to sign waivers, learn the rules and practice and prepare to compensate for any damage done to equipment that stems from negligence or misuse. Players must be 10 or older and if you want to play a private session, you must have a party of 40 players. If you want a party room for a special event, be sure to book in advance. Also, you need a minimum of 10 people to book a party room and you and your guests will be charged an extra $4 on top of the session price.

Happy shooting, everyone!

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