Anti-fraud centre warns of Mississauga air duct scams on social media


Published August 26, 2022 at 3:39 pm

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If you have seen a proliferation of air duct cleaning posts on your community Facebook page, you are not alone.

Several posts have appeared on social media across Mississauga. The posts are strikingly similar and usually feature a photo of someone holding a large clump of dust.

“Hello Everyone!” one post reads. “Actually we got 5 jobs scheduled regarding the Duct Cleaning Services but 3 of our customers rescheduled their appointments. Now I have to fulfill the leftover slots, so If anyone can help me to fill the slots then I will offer FLAT 50% Discount.”

“Hey everyone I’m a professional Air Ducts cleaner,” another post reads. “Due to the previous situation of pandemic, my company has hit a downfall. So we’re offering a great discounted price.”

The posts are from Facebook accounts that appear to be fake or hacked.

Most insist they will only take payment once the service is complete but the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) warns these aren’t likely reputable companies.

“Air Duct scams typically offer their services at a much lower price,” Jeff Horncastle, a spokesperson for the CAFC tells inSauga. “Although services are often completed, in many cases, they are of low quality, offer invaluable warranties and could cause potential risks.”

Horncastle says the CAFC doesn’t have specific stats for air duct cleaning scams but victims reported a total loss of $11.6 million to service scams in 2021.

He suggests people research companies before hiring them for work. Many of the posts on Facebook don’t even list a business name so it is difficult to research them. Also many list offers for a limited time or say they need to “add few more people” to their route.

“Don’t get pressured into making a decision,” Horncastle adds. “Fraudsters often use pressure tactics.”

A few even say they are not scam.

“To avoid a Scam Please check the Company Licence at your Doorstep,” one post states. “Pay us After Services, when you’ll be Completely Happy & Satisfied.”

The best way to avoid scam to find a reputable company with good ratings. Check out company ratings online through the Better Business Bureau, Google or HomeStars.

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