Another heat warning issued for Burlington, Milton, Oakville by Halton Public Health


Published July 21, 2022 at 1:37 pm

Only a few hours after rescinding a heat warning issued earlier this week, a new warning was issued by Halton Region Public Health for residents of Burlington, Milton, Oakville and Halton Hills on Thursday, July 21.

A heat warning is issued when forecast temperatures are expected to reach at least 31 degrees C and overnight temperatures are above 20 degrees C for two days, or when a humidex of 40 or higher is expected for at least two days.

Anyone can be affected by extreme heat-related weather conditions. Those especially at risk include: older adults (over the age of 65), infants and young children, people who work and exercise in the heat (runners, hikers), people without adequate housing and those without air conditioning.

People who have breathing difficulties, heart problems, kidney problems or are taking medication that affect their sensitivity to heat are also especially at risk of preventable heat illness. If you or someone in your care experiences rapid breathing, weakness or fainting, headache, or confusion, seek medical attention right away.

Depending on operating hours, some of the locations that provided relief from heat such as libraries and community centres may not be open. Therefore, it is extremely important that you check-in regularly, by phone or video, with vulnerable family, friends and neighbours, especially seniors who live on their own, to make sure they are staying cool and hydrated.

If phone or video is not possible, when checking-in with vulnerable individuals, remember to practice physical distancing and wash your hands regularly. If physical distancing is difficult to maintain, wear a mask.

Quick tips on how to take action and protect your health:

  • drink plenty of cool liquids, especially water
  • avoid strenuous outdoor activities
  • seek shade from the sun
  • close blinds and shutters during the daytime and open them at night
  • take cool showers, and mist yourself and your clothing with cool water to help keep yourself from overheating
  • never leave people or pets in your care unattended in a car

For more information on heat warnings and what you can do to protect your health, visit the regional heat warnings webpage.

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