American arrested allegedly carrying 181 kilos of weed, $602,000 cash into Niagara Falls


Published June 5, 2023 at 12:37 pm

An American was caught with 181 kilograms of suspected marijuana and $602,985 American in suspected crime cash trying to come into Canada across the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls.

On May 2, Andrew Lee Toppenberg arrived at the Rainbow Bridge port of entry in Niagara Falls where he was sent to secondary examination where Canadian Border Service Agency agents found the massive stash of suspected dope and cash.

The CBSA arrested Toppenberg, 60, of Tustin, California and the RCMP took custody of both Toppenberg and the evidence.

The RCMP charged him with possession of 181 kg of cannabis for trafficking, importing 181 kg of cannabis and possession of suspected crime cash over $5,000.

In Canadian cash, the suspected crime cash would equal $809,386 and the estimated value of the marijuana would be anywhere from valued at between $362,000 to $724,000 in Canadian dollars.

Toppenberg, currently held in RCMP custody, doesn’t have a court date scheduled.

“The CBSA is extremely proud of the diligence shown by our officers. Their hard work has a profound impact on continually ensuring public safety at our borders,” said Jeff Walters, Director, Niagara District Operations, Canada Border Services Agency.

Added RCMP Superintendent Rae Bolsterli, “The CBSA and the RCMP continue to get positive results from our collaboration to protect Canada’s borders. This seizure of cash and contraband is one more example of how our combined services are keeping Ontario citizens safe from criminal activities.”

Photo provided by Canadian Border Service Agency

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