Alectra investing $22.5m in Hamilton’s power grid


Published May 9, 2023 at 4:15 pm

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This year, Alectra Utilities is planning to double its investment to more than $22 million for projects aimed at modernizing Hamilton’s aging infrastructure amid growing demand for electricity.

With parts of Hamilton’s system reaching the end of its normal life cycle, renewing aging infrastructure is necessary to maintain reliability,” Alectra said in a release Tuesday, May 9.

The electric utility giant, the largest municipally owned electric utility in Canada based on the number of customers, said that the infrastructure upgrades aim to stabilize the system and reduce the impacts of outages for its 31,000 customers in Hamilton.

Some of the major capital renewal projects include $5.4 million to renew old infrastructure in the downtown core, and $7.3 million to improve pole transformers, and switchgear vault covers in Hamilton.

Moreover, $1.8 million will be used to construct new automated devices in Hamilton, and $1.3 million will replace and upgrade power stations within Hamilton. In Hamilton’s south Mountain area, $974,547 will go towards upgrading power lines or feeders. What’s more, $5.7 million will be used to rehabilitate the underground cable at the Millen – Barton – Fruitland area, which the company says will use an innovative injection process that can reduce emissions. 

“Alectra Utilities is committed to investing in the electricity grid across all 17 communities it serves to support growth and to continue to provide safe and reliable service,” it said in the press release.

Last year, Alectra invested over $10 million to replace underground cable and build two new feeder lines for 7,000 homes and businesses in Hamilton. 

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