After resident’s encounter with coyote, Thorold residents being told to stop leaving potential food out


Published October 11, 2022 at 10:28 am

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An Oakville neighbourhood is being cautioned about the number of coyotes in the area and to be extra careful when walking their dogs.

It has been a issue with residents as close as both Burlington – where there have been coyote attacks – and Niagara-on-the-Lake with numerous coyote sightings.

A Thorold resident unexpectedly found themselves with a coyote nearby in the Chapel St. and Clairmont Ave. area recently.

To that end, the city is asking residents to stop providing unintentional food sources for the woodland animals.

Keep in mind that as well as birds, squirrels, insects and frogs – none of which can be controlled by residents – coyotes are also attracted to food such as watermelon, cantaloupe, pears and basically most fruits.

Thorold residents are being reminded by the city to:

  • remove food attractants: ie. bird feeders, pet food left outdoors and fallen fruit from fruit trees
  • keep their property clean: remove brush piles, dispose of deadstock and trim branches
  • secure their space: seal sheds, repair holes and cracks, and cap chimneys
  • be a good pet guardian: supervise pets outdoors and never let them chase wildlife

“Working together to minimize these issues goes a long way to foster coexistence with wildlife,” says the city.

“If a resident encounters a coyote, they can report the sighting to Coyote Watch Canada by calling 905-931-2610 or visiting their website. This is for tracking purposes only. To report a trapped, injured or distressed coyote, residents should contact Niagara Region Animal Services at 905-682-0767.”

While police shouldn’t be called for every coyote sighting, do call them if a coyote has cornered a person or a pet.

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