Amazing Aerial Shots of Mississauga From The 70s


If you took a helicopter ride in the early 70’s around Mississauga’s City Centre, Cooksville and Square One areas and took pictures this is what you would have seen. It has changed quite a bit!

City Centre looking north from Mississauga Valleys. circa 1973

City Centre crossroads. circa 1973

City Centre looking north from Cooksville. circa 1973

City Centre looking south/east. circa 1974

City Centre looking north/west at Hwy. 10 & Burnhamthorpe Rd. circa 1973

Mississauga Valleys looking west along Burnhamthorpe Rd. with City Centre at top. circa 1974

Square One under construction in 1974


Aerial shots of Mississauga from the early 1970
- Part 1

Check out these incredible aerial shots of the Port Credit, Mississauga Valleys and City Centre from the early 1970's.
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