Adonis Supermarket in Mississauga

As a young man growing up in Montreal I remember my parents sending me out whenever we had family over to Marche Adonis to grab fruits, nuts and Baklava. I have vivid memories of driving my mother's minivan (Like a boss) down Boulevard des Sources and being gitty thinking of all the delicious Middle Eastern treats that were available to myself and my mother's MasterCard.

Now, much to my delight, Marche Adonis and supermarket giant Metro have teamed up and decided to move into the Ontario market, most specifically they move into a strip plaza directly across from North America's largest Coptic Church tapping into Mississauga's very large (and growing) Arab Community.

As you enter the store you will notice the very large well light sign in the front, which takes up what used to be a Metro/Dominion in its past life. The store itself is very well lit and is extremely inviting as the staff assist you with any questions you may have. The produce section contains a great selection of fruits and veggies which compete in price with the big discount stores and freshness of all the conventional supermarket chains.

As you head to the back of the store you will notice the meat section, divided into halal and non halal. When I was there they were providing samples of the shish tawook skewers. They were delicious, so I decided to grab some at two dollars a skewer and some housemade garlic sauce.

As you browse through the meat selection you will notice marinated lamb chops, beef, steak, quail and chicken all at a price that will bring you back for more. If you are unsure on what to get, ask the butcher as he will be glad to lend a hand.

As you round the corner you will see a massive selection of fruits, nuts, olives, and dairy products including cheese. Today they were giving out samples of the house made Haloomi which is one of my favorites cheeses. This cheese cheap, and is salty enough to hold up to a platter with olives, and mild enough to eat on its own.

Now, check this fish section out as it is truly impressive.

The fish monger today was suggesting the freshly caught "porgy" a very mild fish, which interestingly enough used to be caught in South America, but due to global warming, have moved north to off the eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada. They are in such abundance; they are cheap, and plentiful, making them a good sustainable choice.

The coolest part about this fish section is that Marche Adonis offers to cook your whole fish in house as you shop! For 3.99$ you can have the fish deep fried or for 4.99$ you can have the fish charcoal grilled, which is a really cool and delicious option!

Now, here is my favorite section of any Arabic supermarket, the bakery.

You will notice a very large selection of house made baklava, and French pastries which will more than likely get you to pick up a kilo or so. Again, if you are new to this type of desert, simply ask your server behind the counter and he/she will be more than happy to educate you and recommend something to suit your taste buds. There is also an area that offers readymade meals, including Shawarma, Shish tawok and rotisserie or charcoal grilled chicken all at great prices.

On a side note, check this device out, it makes pita, the best pita you have ever had in your life! Its paper thin, hot, moist and 99 cents a bag!

You know, it's funny how life turns out sometimes isn't it? 15 years later as I drove down to Marche Adonis I still felt the giddiness as I did when I was young. However, this time as I looked I the rear view of my car to see my daughters smiling face, I realized the minivan is mine and I don't need my mother's MasterCard anymore to shop at Marche Adonis.

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