A Very Unique New Menu Item Has Finally Launched at a Popular Coffee Shop in Canada


Published January 18, 2018 at 7:31 pm


Are you looking for a funky breakfast item that’s low in calories and high in protein?

If so, your New Year’s weight loss goal might be just a tiny bit easier to achieve–especially if you like to stop in at Starbucks for your morning coffee.

Starbucks fans might be happy to hear that a unique “breakfast snack” has finally made its way to Canada.

Earlier this month, the Seattle-born coffee giant released its Sous Vide Egg Bites, morning snacks described as “perfectly cooked eggs with wholesome ingredients,” in Canada.

The snacks were introduced to the U.S. market last year.

The breakfast dish, though slightly unusual, is apparently the product of research that revealed customers were looking for something with less bread and more protein.

“Time and time again, we learned that customers were ordering our breakfast sandwiches without the bread or requesting more vegetarian options,” said Eveline Chao-Rivera, Starbucks brand manager, in a 2017 news release. “We knew that we had a very specific need to satisfy.”

According to Starbucks, the brand created the dish in conjunction with Cuisine Solutions, a company with expertise in sous vide cooking (a technique where vacuum-sealed food is submerged in water and cooked at a precise and consistent temperature).

“Sous-vide cooking offers an unbelievable texture to food unlike anything else,” Chao-Rivera said. “It makes eggs velvety and creamy – almost like you’re eating something indulgent, but you’re not.”

The egg bites will come in bacon and gruyere and egg white and roasted red pepper varieties. Two bacon and gruyere bites come in at 310 calories per serving and offer 19 grams of protein. Two egg white and roasted red pepper bites offer 170 calories per serving and 13 grams of protein.

So, what do you think, Mississauga? Will you beat a path to your nearest Starbucks to sample these low-carb breakfast bites?

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