A Total Lunar Eclipse is Happening in Mississauga Soon


If you love space and astronomy, you'll be excited to hear this news.

A total lunar eclipse is taking place this weekend - Sunday, Jan. 20 to be exact - and it will end on Jan. 21.

According to space.com, it has been over three years since majority of North America has witnessed a total lunar eclipse. 

The lunar eclipse will last for one hour and two minutes, and viewing conditions are expected to excellent.

So, what exactly is a total lunar eclipse anyways?

According to the Time and Date website, "A total lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon and covers the Moon with its shadow. When this happens, the Moon can turn red, earning it the nickname of Blood Moon."

The term Blood Moon is also used when describing four total lunar eclipses that happen in a row.

Here is a breakdown of the times and stages of the eclipse happening this Sunday.

According to the graphic, the total eclipse will start at 11: 41 p.m.

Graphic is courtesy of Time and Date.

Will you be watching this exciting occurrence when it happens?

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