A simple banking text scam hits Mississauga and Brampton


Published October 6, 2022 at 7:56 pm

brampton scam td bank chidlren fraud

Yet another TD bank text scam is making the rounds in Mississauga and Brampton in a poor attempt to steal customer information.

The text setting off phones dinging is a simple one. It reads only (SMS) TD Bank type YES to continue. Previous similar scams made the rounds in July and September.

These ones were a little more complicated. The July scam claimed the customer’s card was locked, while the latter suggested TD had updated its security policy.

The messages above are all scams and anyone who receives one should not reply to it. They will string the victim along, asking them to input their banking information. TD calls these sorts of messages “smishing,” a portmanteau of short message service (SMS) and phishing.

TD Bank said not to provide any information to such messages. Often these messages will include links to websites that request and steal personal information such as a credit/debit card number, CVV code (on the back of your credit card), ATM card number, SIN, email address, and more.
“If you suspect smishing, do not respond to the text message. You should immediately contact the financial institution or credit card company and tell them of your suspicions,” TD said during the July scam.


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