A Significant Heritage Structure in Mississauga is Being Restored


Published July 31, 2017 at 5:05 am


If you’re a big history buff, you might be pleased to learn that a structure associated with one of Mississauga’s most vintage (and charming) heritage buildings is getting a little restoration.

The Benares Barn, located right near the southern-style Benares Historic House (the Gone With the Wind-style property that boasts an exquisite verandah and a popular summer concert series), is getting a facelift. Interestingly enough, the barn is original to the original 1835 estate (so it’s very, very old).

Benares Historic House

According to The City of Mississauga, it was a working barn at the turn of the century and remained as such until 1958. Even though it’s referred to as a barn, it actually functioned as a stable and held horses until about 1925. According to the city, the barn was later used for storage and still houses a farm sledge and sleigh to this day. The original barn was actually located near Truscott Drive and was turn down prior to WWII.

Benares Stable – 1900

As far as the facelift goes, the Benares Barn restoration includes removing and replacing the board and batten on the west elevation (which the city says has come to the end of its serviceable life).

According to the city, the barn will keep its historic integrity. New wood will be used that is of the same type and the nails will be hand hammered and any wood that is still serviceable will be used for repairs to other elevations. The wood on south, east and north elevation will be inspected and selectively replaced and the windows have been removed and sent to a specialist window conservator for repair and replacement of deteriorated elements.

The doors will be removed, inspected and, if possible, will be re-clad to correct sagging.

The city also says the Soffits are set to be replaced with new ones depending on damage and missing flashing is going to be reinstated. The city says it will try to save and reuse any square nails.

As of now, crews are working on replacing the soffits. The new wood will be left to grey naturally.

So if you’re checking out a free music night or taking a wedding photo, check out the barn and take comfort in the fact that the historical structure is getting a little TLC so it can stand for many generations more.

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