A new pizza vending machine is now available in Mississauga


At a time when new restaurants are refraining from opening their doors (and for good reason), one food company is still working to bring a new source of pizza to the masses. 

PizzaForno, an innovative automated pizza oven (better known as a pizza vending machine) has opened up at Petro Canada Dixie Petro-Pass (7300 Dixie Road) in Mississauga. While the idea of a pizza vending machine might seem wild, the machine actually serves up fresh, artisanal pizzas in under three minutes. 

This is actually not PizzaForno’s first Mississauga outpost. Last year, the company set up a vending machine in Dixie Outlet Mall. 

The company says the new machine will serve truck drivers and locals alike and will allow diners to choose from seven menu options made fresh with natural, locally sourced ingredients.  

Available pizzas include BBQ chicken, pepperoni, honey chevre, Hawaiian, cheeseburger, four cheese blend, and vegetarian. 

The pizzas are baked in a patented convection oven and transported by a robotic arm, so they’re perfect for physical distancing. 

With health and safety being a top priority, PizzaForno screens and ovens are thoroughly disinfected on a regular basis, and hand sanitizer is available on-site to provide a hygienic experience for all guests,” the company said in an email.  

PizzaForno says it’s currently supporting Food Rescue during the pandemic by donating fresh pizzas. It has also offered discounts to frontline health care workers. 

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