A Mississauga school is introducing some exceptionally unique courses this year


While this school year will look very different for students of all ages, it'll be especially hard for college and university students who were excited about learning, socializing and, yes, partying with new (and old) friends.

But while the year won't quite be the same, the University of Toronto—Mississauga (UTM) will be offering some interesting courses that might make you forget, if only for a moment, that our lives have been upended by a global pandemic.

According to U of T News, UTM is offering 10 new courses this fall that will teach students about an array of unique subjects, including ancient Roman horror stories, the historical roots of organized crime, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

Some of the unique courses, as chosen by U of T News, include:

Racketeers, Smugglers and Pirates—Anthropology of Illegality: According to the article, this course examines the mafia, pirates, smuggling and human trafficking through an anthropological lens. 

A History of the Present: The article says this timely course examines the pandemics that have shaped our world, including the Black Death, Spanish Flu and COVID-19. 

Music and Literature: This course explores the works of a diverse and disparate array of artists, including Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame), Joni Mitchell, Public Enemy and Bertold Brecht.

"Through weekly podcast-style lectures and remote discussions, [the professor] will take students on a genre-spanning tour of how African-American and Anglo-American musical storytelling have been used by performers to effect social change," the article reads. 

Horror and the Grotesque in Ancient Rome: The article says this delightfully morbid course examines gruesome topics such as cannibalism, the supernatural and more. According to the article, this year marks the first time in over 40 years that the subject has been offered on the UTM campus. 

Microhistories of Medieval and Early Modern Europe: The article says that in this course, a medieval scholar will explore the story of a Welsh rebel who was supposedly killed after being hanged in 1307, but turned out to be very much alive. 

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