A look at walk-in clinic wait times in Mississauga


Do you think you’ll have to wait for hours to see a doctor at a walk-in clinic in Mississauga?

You might be surprised. 

While you might have heard that a no-wait walk-in clinic recently opened in Mississauga, you might also be interested to hear that a study was recently released by an online resource and app called Medimap, which allows users to check the wait times at their local walk-in clinics.

The study revealed that Mississauga is ranked just outside the bottom five when it comes to wait times in cities across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). While that isn’t great news on its face, the report says that residents typically wait less than 20 minutes to see a doctor. 

According to the report, statistics found that less than half (or only 42 per cent) of Canadians saw a doctor or nurse on the same day or next day the last time they required medical care.

“This means they are turning to other health care facilities like emergency rooms, for non-emergent situations,” said CEO and Founder of Medimap, Blake Adam.

The report also referenced the Commonwealth Fund Report, which states that "Canada’s health-care system ranks amongst the lowest-performing countries in relation to access to care, placing third-last in the developed world."

According to the Medimap study, with data findings based on averages taken from November 1, 2018 - October 31, 2019, Mississauga’s neighbour, Brampton, ranked fifth in terms of worst cities for walk-in clinic wait times across the GTA.

While Brampton’s wait time is 18 minutes, landing them in the bottom five, Mississauga came close with 17 minutes, even though it ranked outside the bottom five. 

The bottom five cities for longest walk-in clinic wait times across the GTA were:

5. Brampton - 18 minutes

4. Milton - 24 minutes

3. Aurora - 24 minutes

2. Newmarket - 27 minutes

1. Whitby - 34 minutes 

The city with the longest wait time in Ontario was Kingston, averaging at about 77 minutes. 

For more information, visit www.medimap.ca or by checking out the mobile app.

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