A four-day look at the drop in new COVID-19 cases and hike of the resolved ones in Niagara


Published February 15, 2022 at 2:17 pm

A four-day look at the new and resolved COVID-19 cases in Niagara Region shows new cases dropping quickly, resolved cases on the rise and ongoing cases dropping in even larger numbers.

That was a glitch in the system yesterday (Feb. 14) so all that’s available is the number of new cases. However, it is still possible to track remaining numbers from Saturday (Feb 12.) through to today (Feb. 15).

While Niagara Region Health remain insistent that the data they are revealing are underestimations, it does stand to reason that if known cases are dropping, so, too, are actual ones.

On Saturday, there were 101 new cases in the region, dropping to 78 Sunday before registering 72 yesterday. Today, there were 61 new known cases.

The resolved cases are continuing to outpace news with 132 taken off the books Saturday, followed by another 124 Sunday and 133 cases further resolved today.

The active known cases have seen a huge drop over the past four days. On Saturday, Niagara had 1,966 known cases, followed by 1,919 on Sunday. Today, that number had dropped to 1,787.

There have been two deaths in Niagara hospitals over that four day span with the region sitting at 507 fatalities on Saturday up to 509 today.

Individually, the municipalities are mostly showing declines although a couple are bucking the trend. St. Catharines, as the largest city in Niagara, accordingly has the most cases but they are moving in the right direction. On Saturday, the city was showing 647 known cases. That dropped a little to 638 by Sunday and then down to 590 today.

Likewise, Niagara Falls has also seen slow but steady declines in their known case, registering 368 on Saturday, down a little to 352 on Sunday before a larger drop to 329 today.

Welland has dropped 15 cases over four days, showing 230 on Saturday, down a couple to 228 Sunday and then further still to 215 today. Things are also inching down in Lincoln which had 110 known cases on Saturday, down a couple to 108 Sunday and finally below 100 today to 97.

Cases in Fort Erie are a little more stubborn as it showed 103 known cases Saturday, up one to 104 Sunday and then back to 103 today. Grimsby seems to be moving down showing 97 cases for both Saturday and Sunday and then finally down to 85 today.

Thorold is another municipalities moving in the right direction, showing 87 known cases Saturday, dropping to 82 on Sunday and then down to 74 today. However, Pelham is truly bucking the trend. While they dropped from 76 on Saturday to 73 by Sunday, they popped up to 78 known cases today.

Port Colborne also seems to taking two steps forward, one step back with their numbers. On Saturday, they had 74 known cases, down to 69 by Sunday but then up one to 70 today. Niagara-on-the-Lake is moving in a positive direction with 70 known cases on both Saturday and Sunday but down to 66 today.

At the bottom of the municipalities are West Lincoln and Wainfleet with the former declining reasonably from 52 known cases Saturday, followed by 45 Sunday and then down to 38 today. With the smallest amount of cases in Niagara, Wainfleet showed 16 known cases on both Saturday and Sunday before dropping two for a count of 14 today.

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