A film that is "Out There" needs a Kickstart


Pezza Fina Films a Mississauga based film company is pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production of an indie motion picture, Out There. Written and directed by James Rasile, Out There follows the life of Everett Curtis, a lonely and isolated man who wants to leave Earth and colonize Mars. Funds will allow the filmmakers to begin the production of the film and everybody who supports the campaign will be rewarded. Out There is set to begin filming by May 2014. 

Out There was a chance to ask and answer the question as to why someone would want to leave life on earth for a one way trip Mars. It was a great way to tell a story grounded in reality while having this sci-fi backdrop. The cast and the crew is impeccable, I’ve never been more excited to work with a group of people than I am on Out There”, says Rasile. 

The Out There project will only be funded if $4,000 is pledged by Wed May 7, 2014 6:30 PM EDT. Click here to be apart of this amazing journey. 

The Synopsis of the movie:
Living in his parent’s basement, Everett Curtis lives an unfulfilling life. For the first time, Everett is motivated to change his life when he learns of the Mars Survival Mission, an expedition to colonize the red planet. Upon applying for the mission, Everett’s exploits catch the interest of the local newspaper. Everett is interviewed and befriended by reporter Azaiah Keltzer. As the list of accepted applicants is announced, Everett learns that his health and a checkered past prevent him from earning a ticket to Mars. As Everett reels from the bad news, the Mars Survival Mission announces that a low number of qualified females have registered and so a new deadline is created. Due to his local celebrity from Azaiah’s article, Sabina Sanderson, a high school friend, seeks Everett out for help to create her own Mars Application video. A bond is formed between the two and Everett finds new ways to express himself for the first time. With their relationship growing, Everett is forced to face reality when Sabina is chosen to go to Mars.

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