A Brand New Timbit Has Come to Tim Hortons in Mississauga


Drinking isn't the only way to get your coffee fix anymore. And long gone are the days when you had to fire up your espresso machine to make the perfect cup of Joe.

A brand new Timbit has come to Tim Hortons (as of Jan. 2).

According to a recent press release, for a limited time, Tim Hortons customers can get their daily double double in the form of a bite-sized Timbit.

“With many cold winter days still ahead, we want to warm Canadians’ spirits with exciting new flavours and treats they’ll get excited about,” Jorge Zaidan, Head of Marketing, Tim Hortons Canada, said in a recent press release. 

“We’re excited to bring the beloved Tim Hortons Double Double flavour to Canadians in an entirely new way.”

Other new menu items that will be available for a limited time include the tiramisu donut, the caramel fudge hot chocolate, the caramel fudge French vanilla, and the caramel fudge latte.

Which menu item will you be trying?

Photo is courtesy of Tim Hortons.

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