A Bird’s Eye View of Historical Mississauga


Our city has undergone vast changes - both in terms of overall development, and in the sheer number of people who call Mississauga home today. Looking back at images of our not-so-distance past can help to show the scope of change our city has undergone, and aerial images offer a fascinating look at a moment in time on our ever-evolving landscape.

Erindale Village, 1969


Hobberlin Estate, Victory Party, 1919, Port Credit


Malton Airport Site, 1950s


Port Credit Harbour, 1949


Port Credit, 1962


Small Arms Factory, Lakeview, c1952


St Lawrence Starch Company, Port Credit, c1950


Streetsville Train Station, c1920


Texaco Refinery, Port Credit, c1950, looking north on Mississauga Road


Texaco Refinery, Port Credit, looking east, c1950

Port Credit Harbour Project. Note the old Bee Hive Golden Corn Syrup plant in the foreground in 1972.


Return Man’s Parade and Port Credit Harbour, Port Credit, 1919


All images are courtesy of Heritage Mississauga.


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