749 intersections have changed in Mississauga to make roads safer for pedestrians


Published May 11, 2023 at 2:07 pm

Mississauga has taken steps to allow pedestrians more time to cross the street at 749 intersections. (Photo: City of Mississauga)

Mississauga has increased the time allotted for pedestrians to safely cross the street at 749 intersections across the city as part of a dramatically larger ongoing plan to make the roads much safer for all who use them.

Since 2021, the City of Mississauga has revised signalized intersection timings at those 749 crossings “to give pedestrians more time to safely complete their crossing.”

In total, there are more than 800 signalized intersections in Mississauga, officials add.

Later this year, the City plans to install accessible pedestrian signals (formerly known as audible pedestrian signals) at 20 additional intersections.

The effort is part of the much broader Vision Zero Action Plan, launched two years ago by the City with the ultimate goal of getting to a point where there are no road fatalities.

“The initiative includes 99 actions to help reach the goal of zero fatalities and serious injuries due to collisions on roadways in the city,” a City spokesperson said in a news release.

Starting this month, officials say, residents will see City staff installing infrastructure across the city to help keep people safe while travelling throughout Mississauga.

Road safety projects are underway and include measures to reduce speeding, install infrastructure for vulnerable road users and maintain infrastructure, the City says.

Actions in the Vision Zero plan to reduce speed on city streets include:

  • installing traffic-calming measures like speed humps or raised pedestrian crossings to help reduce speeding and aggressive driving
  • implementing the annual Slow Streets campaign that uses temporary traffic-calming devices and signs that are installed on neighbourhood streets between May and November
  • deploying automated speed enforcement (ASE) cameras. There are 22 speed cameras in Mississauga to enforce speed limits in neighbourhood-area school zones
  • lowering speed limits on high-speed roadways: 10 City roads currently with 70 km/h limits will be reduced to 60 km/h limits

Included in infrastructure installation efforts are plans to expand the cycling network across Mississauga, update pedestrian signals, implement safe and comfortable bus stops/shelters and continue with the school walking routes and crossing guard programs.

To learn more about road safety in Mississauga and how the City is taking action to prevent road collisions, search “Vision Zero at City of Mississauga.”

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