63 robberies, 22 with guns this past month in Mississauga and Brampton


Published May 13, 2023 at 4:25 pm

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April was a busy month for police who had to investigate 63 instances of robberies in Mississauga and Brampton.

From Apr. 12 to May. 13, Peel Regional Police data indicates that there were a combined 63 robberies reported across both cities — 24 in Mississauga and 39 in Brampton.

22 of the robberies were carried out with guns, 22 with other weapons, and 19 were listed simply as “other” by police.

As of today (May. 13), 13 of these cases are considered solved, while 1 remains unsolved, and the other 49 are still being investigated.

The data doesn’t mention how many arrests were made or injuries reported in relation to these robberies.

The following map shows where the robberies took place:

According to Peel Regional Police data the top 3 common hotspots for this type of crime is:

  • Hurontario St
  • Kennedy Rd
  • Burnhamthorpe Rd

Comparing these incidents to the same time last year, (Apr. 12 – May. 13, 2022) there were only 2 cases reported for the month—proving that there has been a drastic rise in robberies for 2023.

The most notable robbery related story of the past month involved three men who stormed into a store in Mississauga,with unspecified weapons. Police reported that the trio caused minor injuries but did not say if customers or employees were hurt. The only descriptions police had were that all three suspects were black men wearing medical masks and hooded sweaters.

As armed robberies (or any kind of that matter) are on the rise —the Peel Regional Police have given residents helpful tips on how to protect themselves in any given situation.

If you are in the car: 

  • Lock your car after getting in. Avoid lingering around in the parking lot. Drive away as soon as you can.
  • Remove all high value items such as purses, wallets and shopping bags from your car that may be visible.

If you are at work:

  • Try to avoid empty stairways.
  • Call security if you see someone you don’t recognize in the building.
  • At night, tell security when you are leaving and have them escort you if you feel unsafe.
  • If alone, contact your family/friend and let them know you are working late.

If you are outside:

  • Do not drive/walk home as you do not want this person to know where you live; instead, drive or walk to the nearest police station or open service station.

If you are at home:

  • Avoid opening the door to people you don’t know. Learn to respond safely by speaking through a closed and locked door.
  • Install good locks and use them often.
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