60 robberies, 33 with guns, in the last 31 days in Mississauga and Brampton


Published April 1, 2023 at 2:11 pm

March was a busy month for Peel Regional Police, who had to investigate close to 60 instances of robberies in Mississauga and Brampton.

From Mar. 1 to Apr. 1, Peel Regional Police data indicates that there were a combined 60 robberies reported across both cities — 26 in Mississauga and 34 in Brampton.

33 of the robberies were carried out with guns, 12 with other weapons, and 15 were listed simply as “other” by police.

As of today (Apr. 1), 22 of these cases are considered solved, while the other 38 are still being investigated.

The data doesn’t mention how many arrests were made or injuries reported in relation to these robberies.

The following map shows where the robberies took place:

According to Peel Regional Police data the top 3 common hotspots for this type of crime is:

  • Queen St
  • Main St
  • Huronatrio St

Comparing these incidents to the same time last year, (Mar. 1 – Apr. 1, 2022) there were only 8 cases reported for the month—proving that there has been a drastic rise in robberies for 2023.

The most notable robbery related story of the past month involved three male teens who were arrested and charged in connection to a series of armed currency exchange robberies in Brampton. Investigators say the charges included six counts of robbery with a firearm, unauthorized possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle, and possession of stolen property.

On average, Peel police reported that residents of Brampton and Mississauga experience up to seven residential break and enters each day. These are usually crimes of opportunity, where burglars typically target a property based on characteristics that will increase their chances of breaking-in without getting caught.

These characteristics include:

  • Corner lots.
  • Homes that back onto parks and other open spaces.
  • Properties that do not appear to be maintained or “lived-in”.

However, residents will be relieved to know that robberies are on a slight decline compared to Feb. 2023 where 68 cases were reported. Even though eight less crimes of this nature may not be a significant amount, it is a good chance of becoming less of an issue in the region.

Peel police continue to encourage Mississauga and Brampton residents to protect themselves from potential robberies and have given helpful tips which include:

  • Ensuring shrubs and hedges around your property are maintained to have clear sight to all accessible windows and doors.
  • Keeping garage and screen doors locked, even while at home.
  • Getting to know your neighbours and looking out for each other’s properties.
  • Considering to install a second locking device for your windows and any sliding doors.
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