6 places to go tobogganing in Burlington this winter


Published January 6, 2023 at 3:09 pm

While there are many places to skate around the City of Burlington, residents may be wondering where they can go tobogganing.

Tobogganing is a popular family activity for Burlington residents in the winter months. As a result, the City has designated six hilly areas that are safer for tobogganing in the city.

Here are the six places residents can safely toboggan in Burlington this winter.

Brant Hills Park 

The hill southwest of the tennis courts at Brant Hills Park makes a great place to toboggan with friends and family.

Central Park

At Central Park, the hill northwest of the Community Garden is a spot where residents can enjoy the snow and go tobogganing safely.

LaSalle Park

Ah, LaSalle Park. A go-to spot for many activities all year round.

During the winter months, the hill east of the parking lot is the place to be for tobogganing.

Lowville Park

The hill on the southwest end of the park at Lowville Park is another area the City has dubbed as safer for toboggans.

Nelson Park

At Nelson Park, the hill on the east side of the park, north of the Centennial bike path is a great place to take family and friends during the winter time.

Tyandaga Golf Course

Who could forget Tyandaga Golf Course? A popular destination for tobogganing in Burlington for a reason. This is a go-to spot for many families during the winter.

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