50 signs you’re an 80s kid that grew up in Mississauga

Published January 19, 2023 at 4:17 pm

All 80s kids will tell you that the 80s and early 90s were the best time to grow up (although we may be a little biased!).

It was a carefree time that also saw the rise of a lot of exciting new technologies — most notably, the birth of the Internet as we know it today.

So what was it like in Mississauga? Well, you were probably around in the early 90s in Mississauga if…

  • you remember mini putt at Erin Mills Town Centre
  • you got free popcorn at Fabricland after studying at the library
  • Henry gave you your change from Mickey’s Arcade
  • you remember going up the clock tower at the City Hall for school
  • you know Mississauga Downtown as the City Centre
  • you got your battle wounds on Devil’s Hill
  • you used to go swimming in the 180’s
  • your parents didn’t allow you to go into the 180’s
  • you ran to Pizza Delight during lunch
  • you’ve been to the promise land
  • you know what Woolco is
  • you’d buy your Levi’s jean jacket at Bi-way but it wasn’t a red tab
  • you’d bust out a new sweater from $1.44 days
  • mass was at Canadian Martyr’s
  • nobody had an email address
  • you can remember where all the bus terminals were located at Square One
  • you’ve held up the walls at Astrolight and Changes
  • you had your birthday in a caboose
  • you’ve played gitz at Nappy’s
  • you remember the laser shows at Richard’s
  • you remember using bus tickets long before presto
  • you remember Mother’s Pizza and Don Cherry restaurant
  • you remember Meadowvale 4 rinks was always freezing
  • you’ve gone tobogganing and ended up in Silver Creek
  • Frank or Jimmy gave you a chop
  • you remember visiting the OG Richtree on the weekends at Square One
  • you went with your parents to the Library Restaurant for a drink
  • you’ve biked to both tips and back again in one night
  • you remember Sega City
  • you’ve seen a roller hockey game outside of Don Cherry’s
  • you know where Lucky China is
  • when you’ve been rejected at Bella Vista
  • you’ve witnessed your neighbour water their drive-way
  • you’ve played red Rover or British bulldog in your complex
  • you were forbidden to enter the arcade in Square One
  • you remember $0.09 chicken wings at CCs
  • you’ve been punched for not naming 5 cereals
  • you remember Hazel’s Caddy brand new
  • you finished Double Dragon at Grey Legion
  • Esso was the only gas station and it was all full serve
  • you remember Downtown Mississauga before all the condos
  • you’ve been to war at Scarborough Town Centre
  • your first Yankee fitted was from Firstar
  • the OG splash pad was at the Olympian
  • you were able to see the fireworks at Square One
  • you played Super Sprint at the back of Scarboro Fair
  • you rented movies from Family Photo, Jumbo Video or Video 99
  • you bought WWF Wrestling dolls from Consumers Distributing
  • you went to Square One when it actually was a square
  • you remember that the 4 corners of Square One were Woolco, The Bay, Simpson Sears and Dominions
  • you bought packs of cards at Comic Den
  • the bus terminal was at the front of Sq1 between Wal-Mart and the Bay
  • you remember the kitchen sink at Lime Ricky’s
  • you heard about Astralight burning down when LL Cool J was supposed to perform
  • the food court at Square One being where Consumer Distributing was and Victoria Secret is now
  • You remember the Mix nightclub
  • You remember Lastracco’s Pizza at the Fabricland plaza
  • you read half of these and you were there

What are some other signs that somebody grew up in the 80s and early 90s in Mississauga?

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