5 Worst Types of Drivers in Mississauga

Published August 17, 2015 at 5:27 am


Let’s face it–until Peel gets some legit public transport, the car is king and driving cities come with their share of pathetic drivers. Insurance rates in Mississauga are high because of these demons on four wheels. Their driving affects everyone’s pocket books!

So, without further delay, please find the top five piss-poor drivers in Mississauga. 

5 – Mr. I-Only-Reverse-into-Parking-Spots: 

This guy has the entire fam in his Toyota Sienna and feels the need to back into his coveted Square One parking spot NO MATTER HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE STUCK BEHIND HIM WAITING TO GET THROUGH THE LANE! He couldn’t care less about how much cut-eye you give him, this guy lives in his own world and pays no mind to your inconvenience. 

4 – Anyone with boxing gloves hanging from their rearview mirror:

Let’s face it–if you have these things hanging from your rearview mirror, you are suspect. It seems as if these boxing gloves are a prerequisite for anyone that wants to drive too fast or slow, honk too much, blast music too loud or have an abundance of tribal tattoos. 

3 – Mr./Mrs. I-Change-Lanes-Without-Moving-My-Head:

Driving up Dundas in a 1989 Dodge Shadow, they somehow managed to get on the road. This driver is a menace to everyone within a 10 km radius! No matter how many times you honk, scream or give them the finger after they cut you off, they will never move their head to the left or right!

2 – Instagramer in Traffic:  

You’re stopped in traffic at the corner of Rathburn and Mavis, looking to make the quick lefthand turn towards Square one. The green arrow pops up and no one is moving–all because someone decided it was more important to catch up on Kylie Jenner and Tyga drama on Instagram or take a selfie with a frown to post on Facebook to tell everyone you’re in traffic! NO ONE CARES! By the time this moron looks up, the green light is yellow and you’re all are forced to wait and see what’s new on Twitter (since you’ll obviously be waiting awhile). 

1 – City Centre Condo F1 Racer: 

Flying out from the Absolute towers in an Escalade with the latest Tiesto mix blasting from his subwoofers, this idiot has no regard for anyone’s safety as he heads down Highway 10 towards the QEW.  His only interest is hitting the club in time for half-priced bottle service and he has no issue taking your bumper off in the process!

What other bad types of drivers have you seen in Mississauga?


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